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Thawte SSL certificates

While there are many SSL certificates providers, Thawte has managed to create a reputable name and is now among the most trusted. Thawte certificates have been in the industry for the past 17 years and have stood the test of time.

Thawte certificates are compatible with almost all browsers, so no matter what your website visitors are using to access your website, they will be secured.

The certificates offer 256-bit encryption, which is the best.

Your clients’ details are safe so you can rest easy knowing that no claims may arise from clients being stolen from by malicious people using information they shared on your site.

How do you get Thawte Certificates? Apply online on the official website and choose the package you want. Give them a short time to create the certificate, and it will be configured on your website as soon as possible. Securing your website Is that easy!

Product Type

  • Webserver EV : This certificates provide a validation and reassurance at first glance as they displayed the website registered owner on the address bar, with 256+ bits RSA, it’s the SSL of choice for ecommerce, banking and other site that require the highest level of authentication
  • Webserver OV: OV certificate are validated provide 256 bits encryption with either a wildcard option or up to 250 SANs, it’s the perfect certificate for non-transactional websites or mail servers.
  • SSL123:  This domain validated certificate only requires the authentication of your domain ; because of it low assurance, it’s recommended for Internal and test websites.
  • -58% Off
    $ 100.00

    Thawte Webserver The Thawte Webserver certificate is the perfect ssl certificate for midsize organisation needing a secure connection for their website mail server. Thawte is one of the oldest and most recognized brand on the market. Lauched in the late 90s, Thawte servers customers  from different business segments accross the…

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    $ 179.00

    Thawte EV (Extended Validation) Thawte EV certificate is the perfect ssl certificate for midsize organisation and small online shops. This SSL Certificate validates your company name and address through the address bar to ensure your customers of your business legitimacy.The green address bar is an indicator that your business has…

  • Thawte Wildcard Certificate As the first international certificate authority, Thawte—now powered by DigiCert—has been providing a range of TLS/ SSL certificates to customers in more than 190 countries, for nearly 25 years. Our site seal, available in 18 languages, provides visual proof that your site is secure—everywhere. Started as an…

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    $ 74.00

    Thawte SSL123 Certificates Thawte SSL123 is fast issuance, domain validated SSL certificate. This domain validated certificate is recommended for intranets or test website as it doesn’t provide any form of validation of the website owner The Thawte SSL  is one of the oldest and most recognised brand on the market.…